What We Do

The Community Builders, Inc. is constantly engaged in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization projects. We have become adept at managing master planning aimed at the transformation of distressed neighborhoods. The principles of New Urbanism guide the design of our largest developments to create compact, pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods that incorporate a mixture of residential, commercial and civic uses. We feel that appropriate design is central to the long-term success and viability of a neighborhood.

In addition to our extensive track record in residential housing development, we have also developed projects that include offices, retail space, and community service functions such as day care, health clinics, and youth programs. Our belief is that within this new funding environment, there exists the potential to create housing that is physically integrated into the surrounding community, draws on broad political and financial support, and allows residents to actively participate in decision-making. We offer a unique combination of experience, skills and problem-solving ability, that, in concert with local governments, residents and the community, can make the most of a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization effort.


We currently have almost $600 million worth of work in our development pipeline. Major initiatives include Choice neighborhoods neighborhood revitalization projects, assisted housing redevelopment projects, preservation projects, and neighborhood strategic planning engagements.  More

Housing Development

Affordable housing development is at the core of our business. Since 1964, we have completed or preserved over 25,000 units of affordable housing, raising over $2.5 billion in project financing from a wide variety of public and private sources. Our developments cover the full spectrum of housing for families, seniors, and people with disabilities, large and small projects, in urban and rural settings.  More

Property Management

TCB manages a diverse portfolio of affordable and mixed-income properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Northeast regions. We manage almost 9,000 units at over 100 properties, ranging in size from 6 units to communities of over 600 units.  More

Community Life

Our Community Life staff connects residents with supports and opportunities. Our site-based resident services coordinators help our residents obtain services, get jobs, build assets, educate their kids, and contribute to their communities.  More

Project Finance

With highly experienced finance professionals on staff, TCB is uniquely positioned to structure complex privately and publicly financed affordable housing, commercial, and retail developments. Our Finance department secures predevelopment, construction, and permanent financing as well as equity investments for affordable housing projects sponsored by Community Builders and other nonprofits.  More

Public Policy

TCB maintains a regional hub in Washington, DC, engaging a broad array of policy issues related to affordable housing finance, public and assisted housing redevelopment, and comprehensive neighborhood revitalization.  More

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